Global Development Group (GDG)

Global Development Group (GDG) was founded in 2002, when Director Geoff Armstrong recognised the need for strong governance in development projects. Based in Queensland, Australia, he started the organisation with a mission to provide long-term solutions through quality aid and development projects with approved partners to relieve poverty.

Today Global Development Group includes Global Development Group Limited in NZ and directly impacts the lives of over 1 million people each year (plus 4.2 million indirectly impacted).


GDG works in 40 countries on over 200 different projects, tackling each community’s problems uniquely. They believe in a people-centred approach to development with each project designed around the target community’s needs, skills, assets and resources.


One of GDG’s primary focuses is building the capacity of their development partners. Every year it holds 3 regional Partner Network Meetings in Phnom Penh and in May 2018 its eighth international partner conference was held.


Over 100 participants gathered from 19 countries to attend a two-day training conference focused on Effective Development. The GDG team brought updates and training on specific project management topics including Effective Capacity Building, Ethical Communications and Effective Evaluation and Reporting.


Examples of current projects include the Child Protection Unit in Cambodia, which trains local police in the conviction of perpetrators of child crimes; Watoto Neighbourhood Development Program in Uganda which seeks to equip women with the knowledge, skills and ability to provide for their families; and COPE Laos, which works with victims of unexploded ordinances to provide access to physical rehabilitation services.


For more information visit the Global Development Group NZ website here