Orphans Aid International

"It’s an exciting year for us as it’s our 15th anniversary this year since we started in Invercargill after opening our first home for children in Romania.


We’ve now seen 58 children adopted through that one home and hundreds of children that have received love and care since that time. We’ve gone on to work in other countries (Russia, India, Bhutan border and Uganda) particularly with children who are abandoned and/or orphaned and also we work hard to help prevent abandonment.

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Here is a photo of the new family brought together, only last week, by the latest adoption from Casa Kiwi.








One of the areas we work to keep children with their families and away from institutions is Entebbe, Uganda.   


Here our co-workers identify the root causes of the issues and provide ways to help lift those most vulnerable out of poverty. This year we are organising a supporters trip to Uganda so supporters can see first hand our family strengthening project and meet some of the families involved. From there we are heading to Tanzania to climb Mt Kilimanjaro as a fundraising climb and to celebrate our 15 years, please find out more about our “big” event for 2019 and more on our website www.orphansaidinternational.org  we are forming a great team of experienced and inexperienced climbers, you are welcomed to join us!"

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