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China's Human Rights Record Sparks International Criticism at the UN

Posted on 26 January 2024

China's human rights record underwent rare scrutiny at the UN Human Rights Council's universal periodic review (UPR) in Geneva, Switzerland, on January 23, 2024. The UK urged China to end the…
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16 Day Campaign to combat gender violence against Women

Posted on 30 November 2023

Saturday marked both the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and the commencement of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, a yearly campaign running until…
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Children’s “rights under attack” says UNICEF Executive Director on World Children’s Day

Posted on 23 November 2023

On 20 November, World Children’s Day was celebrated globally, commemorating the UN General Assembly adopting the Rights of the Child in 1959, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child in…
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International humanitarian response needed to protect civilian populations in Israel and Gaza

Posted on 13 October 2023

The Council for International Development (CID) Aotearoa New Zealand, the peak body for the New Zealand international aid and humanitarian sector, is deeply concerned by recent developments in Israel and Gaza.

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Coup announced in Niger as military sieze power

Posted on 07 August 2023

The military have taken control in Niger, with soldiers announcing the coup on the West African nation's live television less than a couple of weeks ago. 
General Abdourahamane Tchiani, head of Niger’s presidential…
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Artificial Intelligence

International NGOs' vital role in AI and human rights

Posted on 24 February 2023

As AI technologies continue to advance, it is crucial that we prioritise the protection and promotion of human rights in their development and governance. Human rights are universal and fundamental…
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CID Weekly: Who's getting the vaccine, Samoa election, upcoming CID Talks

Posted on 13 April 2021

Development & Humanitarian News

+ Vaccine roll out dashboard 

The above graph shows the rolling 7-day average of COVID vaccine doses administered per 100 people. 

*Oceania includes all countries in the Pacific, including New…
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Human rights in the Pacific, Inequality, Racism in Aid, and more

Posted on 07 July 2020

+ Human Rights in the Pacific 

The Human Rights Measurement Initiative (HRMI) has just released research on human rights in the Pacific.

Data is hard to measure in the region, which has been challenging for…
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DFID merger, Global peace, migrant smuggling, and more

Posted on 23 June 2020

+ DFID merger - (some) pros (mostly) cons

The UK 'Department for International Development' - DFID - will be merged into a new department — the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, announced…
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George Floyd murder, GAVI, Aid sector recruitment trends, and more

Posted on 09 June 2020

+ Save the date! workshops on Adaptive management

CID in partnership with MFAT will be holding two online training seminars on Adaptive Management, as we all face the challenges of adapting programmes…
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