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CID Annual Conference 2019 Summary 

Posted on 14 November 2019

Thank you to all of you who attended and participated in what was a great day of sharing, talking, eating and drinking together. For those who were unable to attend, here’s a summary with links to available presentations and articles (more to follow next week).


  • Jean-Pierre Verbiest keynote speech - Dr Jean-Pierre Verbiest, formally of the Asian Development Bank, and senior advisor to the Mekong Institutes provided valuable insights into how to make partnerships work. If we don't start telling our story better, he says, we risk losing the social licence for aid in places like New Zealand. (Find the presentation here)
  • Winston Peters keynote speech - Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Rt. Hon. Winston Peters, discussed the changing international environment in the context of the 'increasingly-contested strategic space' in the Pacific. Peters also discussed the importance of shared values within partnerships.
  • World Cafe SDG 17: Partnerships for Development, involving four presentations, and questions asked of the audience, on partnering with: 1. Donors (led by the EU); 2. Business (led by Tonkin & Taylor); 3. The Pacific (led by PIANGO); and 4. Academia (led by Victoria University). Results were collated and strong themes identified for each partnership.
  • 5 Workshops on Gender in Emergencies; Ending Violence Against Children in the Pacific; Fundraising and Development; a New Deal for Nature and People; and Investing Safety to Do Good. 
  • CID Photo Competition 2019 winners announcement. (Here is the slide show with the full list of submissions)
  • Bapon (Shm) Fakhruddin (Tonkin + Taylor) presentation Multi-hazards Impact Based Early Warning Systems for Sustainable, Resilient and Inclusive Societies
  • Pacific Koloa Collective presentation
  • Collaboration Award. An inaugural award that recognised successful collaboration throughout the year. The 2019 Collaboration Award was awarded to ChildFund, Save the Children and World Vision, along with UNICEF, for their work on the Ending Violence Against Children initiative. 


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